Three Day Itinerary


The tour starts at 08h30 in the morning. We drive through the South Gate of Angkor Thom, and you will visit this gate. Next, is a visit to Bayon temple, one of the magnificent temples that feature the fifty-four towers with total 216 monumental faces of Bodhisattva Avalokesvara. Then we move to Terrace of Elephant and Terrace of Leper King. The elephant terrace was used as a grandstand for the King when there was an elephant terrace there is another temple called Baphoun is currently being restore. Nearby we continue to visit Phimeanakas Temple (Royal Palade). We back for lunch at hotel or other local restaurant. 

The afternoon visit the famous temple of Cambdia, Angkor Wat, and it is visually, architecturallly and artistically breathtaking. It's massive three tired pyamid crowned by five beehive-lik towers rising 65 meters from ground level and this temple is the centerpiece of any visit to the temple of Angkor and then take a romantic sunset from Bakheng mountain before back to Hotel. 



At rhe morning visit the elegant of Bunteay Srey built by a Brahman in the 10th century, this temple was dedicated to Shiva. The famous pink sandstone structure bears a series of beautiful sculptures, lintels, pediments and friezes. These it is said must have been carved by women as the detail is too fine for the hands of a man. This gives us the origin of the Khmer name, Fortress of the woman. Back to hotel for lunch. 

At the afternoon, we visit the grand Circuit with Prasat Kravann, the most beautiful sculpture on brick in 10th century. Then continue to Srah Srang, the royal bath terrace. We keep on visiting Pre Rup and East Mebon, Tasom (In Pol Pot's time this temple was used as a hospital), Neak pean Temple and Preah Khan Temple, the attractive temple with 72 garudas around the wall and also big tree. the return to the Hotel. 



The tour starts in the morning, beginning with a journey through the small circuit. The tour will first stop to visit the Gate of deat, east of to visit Thommanon & Chaosay Teveda, the twin and charming temples built by the King Soryavarman II, the same period of Angkor Wat. We keep in our tour to Kpean Tmar, Angkorian period bridge. We go on Takeo or Crystal Temple, the beautiful temple with blocks of sandstones. Then the amazing jungle Tapromh Temple, after this visits we will return to the city to have lunch at hotel or a local restaurant.

At the afternoons transfer to take Tonle Sap Great lake Cruise, floating village, fishermen life. On the way back visit Chantier Eco-Artisan d'Angkor, the place are in the Ministry of Education, and was created in 1992, and this place renowned woodworking, stone carving and polychrome training Center and workshops. Free tour of the classes and workshops offer a glimpse into the unique skills training program, teaching young artists in the techniques and stiles of classic Cambodia artistry and local Old Market before back to Hotel. End of Services Arrangement/dfam.jpg

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Two Day Itinerary

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